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ResQTec - Power Hawk - GlasMaster

Now Servicing Greater New England (MA, RI, NH, VT and ME), USVI, Puerto Rico, All Islands of The Caribbean Including Cuba, Guam, Homeland Defense and DOD Agencies

ResQTec Equipment Sales & Service

Manufacturer's Website: www.resqtec.com

Coming Fall of 2017 All Electric Dedicated Rescue Tools: EDD Spreaders, Cutters, and Ram. The EDD tool line is pure electric/battery powered, not battery over hydraulics! The EDD tools have an unmatched run time of 4-hours on a single battery with an optional 40-hour backpack. 

Advanced Hydraulic Rescue Tools Systems: 

  • High Pressure/Low Pressure
  • Single Hose Lines (Hose with Hose Having   Only One Connector
  • Neo1 Hydraulic Hoses and Connectors
  • Mineral and Phosphate Ester Hydraulic Systems
    • Spreaders
    • Cutters
    • Combi-Tools
    • Rams
    • Pedal Cutter
    • Three Stage Pumps
    • Hoses, Reels & Connectors

New Technology (NT) Hybrid Rescue/Recovery Pneumatic Lift Bags

The NT Hybrid rescue lift bags are the most advanced and versitatile lift bags available to responders. Bags are connectable, can be used in  conjuction with ProFix Max Strut System and can operate up to 175 PSI/12 BAR. 

Upgrade to a New Technology (NT) Lift Airbag System and receive a 20% discount. 

  • Upgrade Trade-In Offer: Trade-in your old bags regardless of manufacturer or their current condition and receive a 20% discount on the purchase of any size ResQTec NT Hybrid Lift Airbag System. 

ProFix Max (Pneumatic/Manual) Strut System

ProFix Max Strut system are the most advanced strut system available an can be operated manually or pneumatically. The system has a 15 ton capacity at a safety factor of 4:1.

Pneumatically, the struts can safely follow a load and will not retract accidently. The ProFix Max struts can use the same regualtor, shutoffs and delivery lines as the NT Lift Bags. 

  • Vehicle Extrication Kits
  • Tripod, Bipod, and Mono Heads
  • Use With Vehicle Extrication and All Aspects of Technical Rescue Applications

Rescue Tool Service Technical Training

  • Offering Technical Service Training Enabling Agencies To Service, Repair And Test Their ResQTec Equipment
  • Need To Upgrade Your Equipment, ResQTec Hydraulics Can Work With Most Systems Regardsless of Hydraulic Fluid or Pressure (5,000 - 10,000 PSI)

Power Hawk Sales & Service

Manufactuer's Website: www.powerhawk.com

New England States: MA, RI, NH, VT and ME

US Teritories and Islands of The Caribbean 

  • Auto Crib-It (Automatic Cribbing) AC-14 & AC-17
  • New "P4 Rescue Tool System"
    • Electric (Battery) Direct Dirve Technology
    • Interchangable Attachments: Spreader Arms, Cutter Head, (2) Batteries, Charger And Training. Swap Out Spreader Arms With Cutter Head In Seconds
  • Power Pusher Rams (25 and 40-Inch)
    • Mechanical Ram Works With Any Spreader/Combination Tool
    • Milwaukee Battery Saws and Blades
  • P-16 Rescue Kits & Attachments
    • New & Replacement Parts
    • Spreader Arms
    • Curved Cutters
    • Specialty Cutters: Desigend for Locks and Chains and for use with bomb disposal units  using remote robots a Pipe Bomb cutter.
    • NT-2 Rescue Lift Bag System (12V Battery) Compressor Kit
  • Swench Manual Impact Wrenches

The Swench is a must for service technicians to break free the center bolts of rescue tools with little effort by the user and are used worldwide by DOD mechanics for use with trucks and heavy machinery. Further information available on MFG website. 

  • 3/4" Maximum 800 FT LBS Max Torque
  • 1" Square Drives Maximum 2,000 FT Lbs
  • Swench Extensions and Sockets Parts & Kits

GlasMaster Glass Saw 

Manual Glass Saw, North American & Caribbean Distributor

Responders can safely remove laminated winshield, laminated/EPG side windows and tempered safety glass. Quanity discounts and custom colors availabe.

  • Complete GlasMaster Kit
    • GlasMaster Frame
    • Blade & Guard
    • Spring Loaded Center Punch
    • Mounting Clips
  • Replacement GlasMaster Components 
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