Extrication.Com, LLC
Providing Advanced Technical Rescue Training and Rescue Tools

Extrication. Com and Extrication.Com, LLC are registered ResQTec-Power Hawk dealer providing sales and service to emergency service agencies, including US DOD and Homeland Defense. 

We now offer optional service technical training programs for mechanics and agency personnel. This allows your mechanics or personnel to perform service, repairs and testing of their  ResQTec equipment. This can save your agency thousand of dollars over the life of the equipment. 

Extrication Training

  • Basic  Skills
  • Intermediate Skills
  • Advanced Skills
    • Medium to Heavy Truck
    • Bus
    • Aircraft
    • Heavy Machinery 
    • Submersed Vehicle Rescue
  • Train The Trainer (All Skills Programs)
  • Certified Public Safety Rescue Diver
    • Submersed Vehicle Rescue 
  • Technical Rescue
    • Building Collaspe
    • Trench Rescue
    • Confined Space
    • Rope Hi/Low Angle Rescue

(+1) 910.624.5378
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